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I knew I wanted to be a doctor at the early age of 10. I’ve always had a passion for serving and the gift of being attuned to the needs of others.  When applying to medical schools, I only looked at osteopathic schools knowing that I needed a holistic approach to healing as opposed to the more common disease-based model. I wanted to be an oasis, a wellspring of life and wellness, to those around me, personally and professionally.

PEACE OF MIND Aging & Wellness Specialists was designed to be an oasis for wellness, prevention, and proactive care in a medical desert. We provide reassurance and peace of mind to our patients and their loved ones via in-home primary care, 24/7 physician access, and advocacy.  I’m finally in a place where I can offer personalized holistic care that accounts for all areas of wellness: the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental.

I am happy to offer in-home primary care to adults aged 50+ in addition to geriatric consults. I look forward to sharing in your aging & wellness journey.

About Dr. Nebel

Dr. Kristen Nebel has been a part of the Lancaster community for over 20 years. She resides here with her husband of over 15 years. When she’s not working you can find her at the baseball field cheering on her favorite players, home with her mini goldendoodle (Ruffy), and in her local community.

Dr. Kristen Nebel is the founder of PEACE OF MIND Aging & Wellness Specialists and the primary physician offering service and care. Kristen has been a part of the Lancaster community for over 20 years, residing here with her 6 sons and husband of over 15 years. When she’s not working you can find her at the baseball and soccer fields cheering on her favorite players.

Her main passions in life are building relationships and serving others. This is evident in her attention to detail, compassion, and interest in each person she works with.  

She doesn’t believe care or relationships can be hurried, so you will receive the necessary time it takes for her to understand and make a plan that meets your needs to the extent that is possible.  

Dr. Nebel believes in meeting the patient where they are. She provides care in your home because she knows that patients aren’t always able to make it out to the doctors. 

Dr. Nebel has over 15 years in medicine with the past 13 years dedicated to senior care.  She has cared for patients with complex social and health concerns in many different types of living and is familiar with the stresses and unique needs each environment brings.

In medicine, her goal is to heal, when possible, and care at all times. 

She has a special interest in all types of dementia and memory concerns as well as caregiver support and education.  She has personal experience in dealing with autoimmune challenges, caring for special needs children, and an innate ability to understand others.  She strives to address the root cause of problems.

When patients agree, she incorporates food as medicine and integrative therapies into her practice, including dementia care.

She attended Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and is proud to be a graduate of one of the country’s leading family medicine residency programs at Lancaster General Hospital, as well as the Lancaster General Geriatric fellowship program.  Dr. Nebel is board-certified in Family Medicine and Geriatrics and has served in leadership roles at local health organizations, a local non-profit retirement community board and has been involved in the development of national-level dementia care protocols.

Kristen experienced burnout after her prior role. She came away realizing that while she loved medicine and geriatrics, she never wanted to go back to traditional family medicine. She loves the geriatric population and with the bureaucracy of insurances, etc, she realized that she wasn’t able to provide the care that met her or her patient’s needs. This was the genesis of PEACE OF MIND Aging & Wellness Specialists

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