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The first question that is normally asked by prospective patients and families is usually about services offered and how they are paid for. Peace of Mind now accepts insurance and Medicare. 

This is having your primary physician come to your home, in comparison to other agencies that will only send aides, nurses, etc. This Direct Primary Care model allows us to work directly with you to offer the care we agree upon without the middle man. Your insurance will still cover your prescriptions, labs, imaging, outside referrals, immunizations, programming (Silver Sneakers), et cetera. Even with our services, you may find your total health care costs are less due to not having co-pays for procedures and our savings on medications, labs, and testing. You may even be able to avoid or delay the Medicare ‘donut hole’.

Distinction includes a periodic recurring fee for the Physician and services that are included in your care plan. Anything after that will never be over the baseline, monthly fee. 

In addition to our financial model, we also assist our veteran population with the completion of the DBQ or “Disability Benefits Questionnaire”.  This is a form that must be completed by a physician in order for Veterans to qualify for disability benefits. See our services page for more information. 

All non-primary care services can be ongoing, month to month or a one-time consultation.

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